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1-Grid Reduces the Amount of Time Spent with Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions

South African web hoster improves operational efficiencies by migrating to Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions from R1Soft and Microsoft DPM


1-grid is a South African web hosting provider that has been in business for 20 years. Supporting more than 35,000 customers, the company offers a wide range of services, including domain registration, shared VPS, dedicated hosting, email hosting, SSL certificates, South African company registration, and web design and optimization. 1-grid has a substantial server infrastructure required to deliver these services, comprised of physical and virtual machines, both Windows and Linux, as well as cPanel servers. To protect this infrastructure, 1-grid was backing up its infrastructure using a combination of Microsoft DPM and R1Soft.

Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions


  • Lengthy backup and restoration time frames
  • No centralized administrative console
  • Increasing hardware requirements for backup


  • Faster backup and restore turnaround times
  • Centralized administrative console
  • File-level recovery for Linux VMs


  • Over 500 TB
  • 2,000+ serversKEY BENEFITS
  • Daily operational efficiency gains of 90%
  • Reduction in overall backup space
  • 99% backup success rate


1-grid was facing a very specific challenge with its current vendors: the cloud backup processes were taking too much time. According to the company’s backup administrator, Stewart Chifamba,

“Because we were using a mixture of both R1soft and Microsoft DPM for Hyper-V, the restoration process became complicated and tedious, especially for Linux systems. We couldn’t simply click to restore the VM, and it did not compress the whitespace, resulting in excessive infrastructure requirements. With these limitations, it could take upwards of a week actually to restore a Linux VM.”

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Microsoft DPM had two other notable limitations. First, it couldn’t support multiple restores on a single host, so 1-Grid had to wait on each individually, which took time. Second, DPM couldn’t support file-level restores on Linux machines, which meant restoring the entire server to a single file. Chifamba continues, “We really needed to improve our online backup and restore times, and we also wanted file-level recovery when backing up Linux VMs instead of having to restore the entire machine.” As a result, 1-grid began looking for alternative vendors and considered Muttii.


With support for more than 20 virtual, physical, and cloud platforms and a hybrid of on-premises and cloud backup capabilities, 1-grid determined that Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions was their ideal solution. Built for service providers from the ground up, It is a channel-friendly solution with strong management, provisioning, and billing functions.

Through a single, centralized management console, 1-grid is able to manage all of its backups and can recover individual files, application data, or entire virtual platforms. Furthermore, Muttii Group provides the company with the flexibility to restore data to the original or completely new destinations while managing data from a centralized location. This is in part because Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions Instant Restore allows 1-grid to run a copy of your online backup as a virtual machine directly from the backup storage without any data movement. Additional considerations like the built-in AI-based anti-ransomware and anti-crypto jacking defenses of Muttii Active Protection made the decision even easier.

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Alongside the requisite training, Chifamba notes that their good partnership with local distributor Synopsys is a benefit. Within four months, 1-grid had completely migrated to Muttii and now protects over 500 TB across more than 2,000 servers. Moreover, the company was able to reduce the infrastructure it needed to manage its backups significantly. Chifamba explains,

“With R1Soft and Microsoft DPM, we continuously needed to add additional storage capacity, particularly because whitespace was not compressed, but the switch to Muttii enabled us to reduce the amount of data being backed up and reduce the number of servers required by nearly half.”

Most importantly, however, were the improvements in operational efficiency. Chifamba notes,

“With a backup success rate of over 99%, we have reduced the amount of time it took to do daily cloud backup checks by 90% with Muttii. This has a lot to do with everything being centralized into a single management console instead of having to log in to multiple servers.”

He adds,

“Muttii also helped us with file-level recovery for our Linux VMs. Looking ahead, 1-grid is planning to expand its use of Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud by offering backup as a service to its customers, which would leverage existing integration between Muttii and cPanel.”

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