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Importance of email security in today’s digital landscape

Muttii Group recognizes the paramount importance of email security in today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats and data breaches are on the rise. As a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions, Muttii Group offers a comprehensive suite of email security services to safeguard clients’ sensitive information and communications.Leveraging advanced technologies, the company enhances Gmail security and provides secure email solutions, ensuring that clients’ messages remain confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

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Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Email Security


Muttii is partnering with Noname Security to deliver advanced API security capabilities.

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The email security services offered by Muttii Group provide numerous benefits to organizations and individuals

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Enhanced Data Protection

Muttii Group’s email security solutions use robust encryption methods, ensuring that sensitive data and information transmitted through emails are protected from unauthorized access, reducing the risk of data breaches.

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Prevention of Phishing Attacks

With advanced phishing detection capabilities, Muttii Group’s services help identify and block malicious emails, preventing employees and users from falling victim to phishing scams and fraudulent activities.

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Malware and Virus Detection

The email security solutions effectively detect and block malware, viruses, and other malicious attachments or links, safeguarding users from potential cyber threats and infections.

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Protection against Email Spoofing

Muttii Group’s email security offerings help identify and block email spoofing attempts, preventing the unauthorized use of a company’s domain for malicious purposes.

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Increased Employee Productivity

With effective spam filtering and threat detection, employees can focus on legitimate emails and important tasks, leading to improved productivity and reduced distractions.

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Multi-Layered Defense

The integration of various email security solutions like Barracuda Email Security Gateway and Zix Secure Email provides a multi-layered defense against a wide range of email-based threats.


Advanced Encryption

Muttii Group’s email security solutions employ strong encryption algorithms to ensure that email content and attachments are securely transmitted and remain confidential.

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Phishing Detection and Prevention

The services use sophisticated algorithms and databases to detect and block phishing emails, safeguarding users from falling prey to fraudulent schemes.

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Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Muttii Group’s email security solutions are constantly updated with the latest threat intelligence, ensuring they stay ahead of emerging email-based threats.

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Email Encryption

Muttii Group’s email security solutions offer strong encryption protocols to safeguard the contents of emails and attachments during transit, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Muttii Group offers MFA options to enhance email account security by requiring additional authentication factors beyond just passwords.

Secure Email Gateway

Muttii Group deploys secure email gateways that act as a frontline defense, scanning incoming and outgoing emails for potential threats and filtering out malicious content.

Incident response services

Empower your service delivery and security teams with direct access to cyber analysts and email security experts that monitor all customer traffic and analyze malicious intents with ongoing reporting and support.

Effortless, rapid deployment

Cloud-native deployment that integrates directly with the email system without additional configurations, including API-based for Microsoft 365. Reduce the administrative burden associated with a standard secure email gateway (SEG) deployment.

Security Awareness Training

Some packages include user awareness training to educate employees about email security best practices and potential email-based threats.


Trellix Email Security

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Tessian Cloud Email Security Platform

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Sophos Central Cybersecurity – Secure Workloads, Data, Apps, and Access

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Fortra’s Advanced Email Security

Protect your data from any
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Frequently Asked Questions

Email security refers to a set of measures and technologies implemented to protect email communications from various cyber threats such as phishing, malware, and data breaches. It is crucial because email remains a primary vector for cyberattacks, and compromised emails can lead to significant data loss and financial damage.

Muttii Advanced Email Security solution offers a comprehensive suite of features, including advanced threat detection, email encryption, secure email gateway, spam and phishing protection, data loss prevention, real-time threat intelligence, and more. It ensures that your organization’s email communications are protected against a wide range of cyber threats.

mail encryption uses cryptographic algorithms to convert the content of an email into unreadable ciphertext, making it only accessible to authorized recipients with the encryption key. This ensures that even if intercepted, the email’s contents remain secure and confidential.

Yes, Muttii Advanced Email Security includes data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities. It scans outgoing emails for sensitive information, such as financial data or personal identification, and prevents accidental or intentional data leaks by applying predefined security policies.

Yes, Muttii Advanced Email Security solution seamlessly integrates with various email platforms, including popular clients like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, ensuring smooth deployment and user experience.

Yes, Muttii provides round-the-clock support and monitoring for its email security solution. The dedicated team ensures continuous protection and prompt response to any security incidents.