Advanced File Sync And Share

Offer secure eIDAS eSignature integrated with Muttii file sharing

Muttii Group specializes in providing advanced file sync and share solutions to optimize collaboration and productivity within your organization. Our services cover leading platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive, Muttii, and Azure, ensuring seamless synchronization of shared folders across various devices. With our enterprise file sharing solutions, teams can securely access, share, and collaborate on files from anywhere, using any device. Whether it’s Google Drive or OneDrive, our experts ensure smooth integration with your existing infrastructure.
Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced File Sync And Share


Muttii is partnering with Noname Security to deliver advanced API security capabilities.


The email security services offered by Muttii Group provide numerous benefits to organizations and individuals

Enhanced Collaboration

Our services facilitate seamless file sharing and collaboration among teams, enabling real-time updates and feedback, leading to better productivity and project outcomes.

Data Security

Our solutions prioritize data security with end-to-end encryption and robust permission controls, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and share sensitive information.

Cost Savings

Automation helps minimize operational costs by reducing the need for manual labor, minimizing errors, and optimizing resource utilization.


Our services are designed to accommodate your growing business needs, allowing you to scale up or down seamlessly without compromising performance.

Cost Efficiency

By leveraging advanced file sync and share solutions, your organization can reduce the costs associated with traditional file sharing methods and paper-based processes.

Disaster Recovery

Automatic backup and synchronization of files ensure data redundancy, providing a reliable disaster recovery mechanism in case of data loss or system failures.


Provide confidence that business data is authentic

Enable clients to notarize files of any format and type, generating a certificate that provides irrefutable proof that the file was notarized at a specific time. With a blockchain-based data notarization, your clients will have a public, and immutable way to prove that the data they are using is original and unaltered.

Streamline document workflows

Improve your clients’ collaboration and mobility be enabling them to sign files with eIDAS eSignature, which has legal value of handwritten signature with user identification and document integrity. Control every step of a document workflow — from its creation, to sending to multiple parties, to user verification and document storage to guarantee its integrity for easy online signing with instant workflow status visibility.

Enable independent file verification

Empower your clients with an enterprise-class audit trail. Includes a history of all transactions and independent validation of data authenticity. After the signed document or file is notarized, clients can verify it from any device at any time directly from the file sync and share interface or manually through the blockchain ledger or Nowina DSS signature validation.