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Amplitude Digital Analytics Platform

By:   Amplitude Analytics

Do you know how your digital products drive your business? With Amplitude, now you know. Amplitude is a unified system that brings together an entirely new depth of customer understanding with the speed of action to optimize experiences in the moment


Product Overview

We are living through a digital revolution, with digital products changing every aspect of how we work and live. Yet, organizations still struggle to understand how their digital products drive their business.

Poor data quality and inaccessible insights make it difficult to analyze, test, and personalize digital experiences. Their high-effort, low-impact tooling is slowing innovation while competition grows.

The Amplitude Digital Analytics Platform is a unified system for data, analytics and personalization. It brings every team across the organization together with common data and visibility to:


– See and understand customer behavior
– Predict which actions lead to business outcomes
– Adapt each experience to maximize impact

Amplitude Products:
Accelerate product decisions & actions that drive growth with the #1 product analytics solution.

Determine and deliver the best experiences faster with the first experimentation solution powered by analytics and customer behavior.

Create and push behavioural audiences across the stack or take personalization further with predictive segmentation and recommendations.


For custom pricing, EULA, or a private contract, please contact aws-sales@amplitude.com for a private offer.

Sold byAmplitude Analytics
Fulfillment MethodSoftware as a Service (SaaS)


  • Breadth & depth of insights – Instantly answer simple and complex questions with a 360-view of the user journey.
  • Cross-functional data access – Increases decision quality and velocity with high adoption across all teams.
  • Built for speed & action – Continuously innovate with a fully-integrated analytics and personalization suite.

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Amplitude Digital Analytics Platform

Amplitude Growth


Amplitude Growth Package with up to 50M Events Included = $80,000

12 Months
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Additional Event Volume$10000/unit
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Software as a Service (SaaS)

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