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Apptio – Cloudability

By:   Apptio

Cloudability is an industry-leading cloud cost management and optimization tool that enables technology, finance, and business teams to maximize the value of their public cloud strategy.

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Product Overview

Apptio Cloudability is a flexible cloud cost management and optimization tool that enables IT, finance, and business teams to optimize their costs and communicate the business value of the cloud. Cloudability is built to support the organizational adoption of cloud financial management – the process of bringing financial accountability to the scalable, variable, and distributed nature of the cloud.

Cloudability normalizes, and structures cloud billing and usage data from across your public cloud ecosystem so that you can actively manage spend and consumption to continuously improve the unit economics of cloud services., enabling your team to:

– Fully and accurately allocate your cloud spend, including containers and support charges, to ensure a full chargeback of cloud costs to the business;
– Optimize cloud costs, leveraging rightsizing recommendations across major cloud service providers to reduce operating expenses and fund future innovation investments;
– Make decisions with speed and confidence, enabling team ownership and accountability of cloud spend to better align cloud investments to business objectives.

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Fulfillment MethodSoftware as a Service (SaaS)

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  • Establish Visibility: Translate billing and usage data into a unified view to contextualize costs and govern cloud consumption.
  • Optimize Costs: Match spend to needs, view reservations and commitment based discounts, and identify candidates for purchase and modification.
  • Improve Efficiency: Continuously improve the unit economics of cloud with a shared understanding of costs and business value.

Pricing Information

Below are the total costs for these different subscription durations.
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Apptio – Cloudability



Manage up to $150K of monthly AWS spend. Addl fees above $150K/mo.

12 Months
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Manage up to $300K of monthly AWS spend. Addl fees above $300K/mo

12 Months
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Manage up to $600K of monthly AWS spend. Addl fees above $600K/mo.

12 Months
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Usage Information

Fulfillment Options

Software as a Service (SaaS)

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