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Automation Success Platform (Now Certified for WorkSpaces)

By:  Automation Anywhere, Inc.

Automation Anywhere transacts solely through Private Offer, so please contact us for custom pricing, EULA or payment schedule at sales@muttii.com The pricing below is a sample solution only. Cloud automation refers to business process automation using cloud-native, web-based, Automation Suite and Artificial Intelligence (Automation+GenAI) software. The Automation Success Platform enables enterprises to automate both front office and back-office business processes. Intelligent automation and AI can empower your workforce, increase productivity, and drive growth. Deployment Options: 1) Software as a service (SaaS) automation application that is centrally hosted and uniformly managed by AAI 2) Self Managed 3) Now certified for AWS WorkSpaces (recommended by vendor) Automation Anywhere supports qualified nonprofits through a special nonprofit discounted package via Private Offer.

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Product Overview

Automation Anywhere transacts solely through Private Offer, so please contact us at sales@muttii.com The pricing below is a sample solution only.

Automation Anywhere, a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions, has joined forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a prominent cloud computing service provider. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize business operations by combining Automation Anywhere’s advanced automation capabilities with the scalability and flexibility of the AWS cloud platform. Together, they enable enterprises to automate complex processes, improve efficiency, and drive innovation across their organizations.

Automation Anywhere and AWS enable businesses to automate customer-facing processes, leading to enhanced customer experience and satisfaction. By automating tasks such as customer inquiries, order processing, and support ticket management, organizations can deliver faster and more personalized services.

The Automation Success Platform features: RPA – automate any process; Automation Co-Pilot – every employee’s digital assistant. Your helpful Automation Co-Pilot, AARI, helps you scale automation across your workforce by providing all employees easy access to automation across platforms, applications, and devices.; Bot Insight – Analyze and optimize processes; Document Automation – transform information into data; CoE Manager – measure success, chart automation paths and engage the workforce. Nonprofit discounted package includes 1 Control Room, 1 Bot Creator, 1 Unassisted Bot Runner and 1 Assisted Bot Runner.

Sold byAutomation Anywhere, Inc.
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Fulfillment MethodSoftware as a Service (SaaS)

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  • Digital Acceleration and Instant-On Ease Of Use – Cloud automation bypasses the legacy barriers (rigid delivery models, technical complexity, and unfriendly user experience) to automation adoption and application across the enterprise. Open any web browser, log in, and automate. Intuitive experience optimized for every user type.
  • Lower Total Cost Of Ownership – One of the biggest benefits of automating with cloud Automation is the lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Move from a CAPEX to OPEX model and streamline ongoing maintenance activities. Cloud automation eliminates setup time, infrastructure, and maintenance costs while enabling organizations to realize the cost benefits of public cloud.
  • Intelligent Automation For Every Process – Built-in AI skills with intelligent screen recording and drag-n-drop actions. Cloud Automation surfaces automation tools, including artificial intelligence and Generative AI technologies, to more of the business. Bedrock and SageMaker Integrations are now available.

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Automation Success Platform (Now Certified for WorkSpaces)

Automation 360


Automation Success Platform Sample Solution

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

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