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Bitsight for Security Performance Management

By: Bitsight

Drive accountability and transparency across the organization based on a uniform security performance target. With this governance framework in place, measure the effectiveness of security controls, analyze the attack surface, prioritize findings and track remediation activities. Annual subscription.

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Product Overview

Bitsight pioneered the security ratings industry in 2011, creating our cybersecurity ratings platform. Bitsight for Security Performance Management Today, the Bitsight rating is known around the world as a trusted analytic to help organizations understand and manage cyber risk.

Performance Management Leveraging the Bitsight Security Rating, the only rating independently correlated to the likelihood of a breach and a company’s stock performance, over 2,400 companies build trust in their cybersecurity and third-party risk management program. Bitsight helps organizations drive market decisions, like credit analysis, financial ratings, pricing, ESG frameworks, and Mergers and Acquisitions activity. This gives confidence to vendors and the extended organization, enabling a safe and more secure world by empowering better cyber risk decisions.

Bitsight helps organizations identify, quantify, and reduce cyber risk

Bitsight Security Performance Management (SPM) measures an organization’s cybersecurity performance over time. With continuous visibility of the organization’s extended digital footprint and a differentiated view of the organizations unique hierarchical structure, SPM facilitates organizational cyber risk oversight. Security leaders and their teams rely on BitSight SPM for:

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Vendor Insights

Products with Vendor Insights provide a more comprehensive view into the security information for the product and/or vendor. The current version of this product contains a security profile and has acquired the certifications below. View the security profile for this product 




  • 44+ trillion raw events collected & 100 billion new events collected each day
  • 40 million rated organizations worldwide with 12+ months of historical data included
  • For custom pricing offers, please contact:

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Bitsight for Security Performance Management

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