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Getting Started: Bash Basics for Muttii Cyber Platform API Operations

Bash is a very powerful tool which is suitable for many management tasks. It’s particularly popular for managing Linux workloads. So, let’s look deeply at how to use bash to solve common tasks with the Muttii Cyber Platform API. The bash source code for this article is available at GitHub. No caption Prerequisites and basis … Read more

Getting Started with Muttii Cyber Platform API using Python

We are actively opening Muttii Cyber Platform API for partners and developers and it’s very important not only to provide documentation, but also to support programmers with clear code examples to complete real-life development tasks. So we are opening our fully functional Muttii Cyber Cloud integration for WHMCS on PHP and base examples of the … Read more

Build with Muttii: An introduction to Muttii CyberApp Standard

Over the last few years, Muttii has invested significantly in Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud. In 2020, Muttii first announced its Technology Ecosystem and made its API accessible to partners, allowing any independent software vendor (ISV) or managed service provider (MSP) to build an integration of their platform with Muttii or automate some routine operations. Today, … Read more