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Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud now integrates with N-able solutions

At Muttii, we strive to ensure that our service provider partners can make full use of our comprehensive cyber protection solutions alongside the tools they already rely on. Today, we’re pleased to announce that Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud now integrates with N-able RMM and N-able N-central. This new release enables MSPs to easily boost the … Read more

What’s new in Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud?

Successful MSPs today are always on the lookout for opportunities to make their operations more efficient and more integrated. After all, a service provider that optimizes its efficiency is more productive, more available for new client acquisition, and – overall – more profitable. In the September Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud release, we’ve rolled out new … Read more

Getting Started: Bash Basics for Muttii Cyber Platform API Operations

Bash is a very powerful tool which is suitable for many management tasks. It’s particularly popular for managing Linux workloads. So, let’s look deeply at how to use bash to solve common tasks with the Muttii Cyber Platform API. The bash source code for this article is available at GitHub. No caption Prerequisites and basis … Read more

Ultimate Guide on How to Back Up MariaDB Database

Suppose your organization uses MariaDB to manage your existing databases as an alternative to MySQL. In that case, you probably already know that you have many different options for securing and backing up your databases or restoring them if you ever experience an issue. However, it’s not always clear what choices you should make to … Read more

What is a zero-day exploit?

A zero-day exploit refers to cyberattacks targeting a software vulnerability unknown to the software vendor or the antivirus software assigned to protect the system. Attackers can identify such zero-day vulnerabilities, design an exploit, and use it to launch an attack. Zero-day attacks are highly likely to penetrate the targeted network as there are no defenses … Read more

The best line of defence against AI-enhanced cybersecurity threats

From phishing to zero-day attacks, today’s cyber threats continuously evolve to target various organizations and businesses. Modern MSPs must invest additional time, effort, and resources to safeguard client networks proactively. Otherwise, a ransomware attack may easily infiltrate a poorly protected environment and wreak havoc indefinitely. For both businesses and MSPs, implementing the highest tier of … Read more