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Collibra Data Intelligence Platform

By: Collibra

Collibra Data Intelligence Platform enables organizations to do more with trusted data and accelerate positive business outcomes by delivering accurate data for every use, for every user, and across every source. Collibra Data Intelligence Platform provides a single platform for data management helping to unlock your data to solve problems, accelerate business outcomes, fuel your AI strategy and build a data-driven culture.

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Product Overview

Collibra is the leading data intelligence platform that unites your entire organization with trusted data that every user can easily find, understand and access across every source, for any use case. With a best-in-class AI governance, catalog, automated lineage, flexible data governance, continuous quality and observability and built-in privacy, Collibra enables organizations to turn data into a strategic asset. By creating this critical alignment, organizations can accelerate smarter decision making, increase productivity and drive innovation. Collibra also plays a pivotal role in enabling and accelerating AI strategies by providing access to high-quality, trustworthy, and compliant data at scale, adding business context to data through machine learning-powered automation, and offering a data marketplace to quickly and easily request data access. With Collibra, you can do more with your trusted data and supercharge your AI strategies.

The Collibra Data Intelligence Platform includes:

– AI governance: Collibra powers organizations that need the highest-quality data for the highest-quality AI. With active metadata at its core, Collibra Data Intelligence Platform serves as the foundation for your AI strategy. Govern AI with the proper rules, processes and responsibilities to drive maximum value by ensuring streamlined and ethical AI practices that mitigate risk, adhere to legal requirements, and protect privacy for unparalleled productivity gains.

– Data governance: Automate and operationalize data, simplifying collaboration between data stewards, data owners and subject matter experts to streamline sharing, protection and improvement of your data assets.

– Catalog of catalogs: Empower all users to quickly discover and understand data assets across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with full business context, including where it came from, who owns it and who uses it, enabling meaningful analysis, extended collaboration and faster access to insights that drive business value.

– Lineage: Automated end-to-end lineage for complete transparency into how data transforms and flows from system to system and source to report. This includes getting visibility into summary-level business lineage as well as detailed technical lineage.

– Privacy: Centralize, automate and guide workflows to encourage collaboration, operationalize privacy and address global regulatory requirements.

– Marketplace: Enable a fast and easy data shopping experience with complete visibility into well-curated, relevant data assets including reports, AI models and data products within one location. Tailor the experience to each role and embed access request workflows that align to access and usage policies.

– Data Quality: Replace manual processes with automated data monitoring and rule management that make it easy to manage and scale data quality across the enterprise.

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  • Collibra Data Intelligence Platform is the single system of engagement for your data and AI strategy with a best-in-class data catalog, flexible governance, built-in privacy, and context-rich views of your data.
  • Collibra delivers the only end-to-end, integrated platform that is purpose-built to automate workflows and deliver trusted data and AI to users.
  • Collibra is built with governance at its core so users can quickly and securely access trusted data.

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