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In order to succeed with digital transformation, modern businesses must integrate their processes across organizational boundaries and existing systems. With over 27,000 dedicated finance consulting and supply chain transformation professionals, IBM Consulting can flexibly orchestrate your people, operations, data and technology to efficiently deliver sustainable initiatives and outcomes that future-proof your business.


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Governments that proactively prepare for future shocks can enhance their resilience and ability to withstand adverse events

Crisis management

Preparedness enables governments to respond promptly and efficiently during times of crisis.

Economic stability

Future shocks can have severe consequences on a nation's economy. Prepared governments are better equipped to implement measures

Global cooperation

In an interconnected world, governments must work together to address global challenges and shocks.

Long-term planning

Preparing for future shocks encourages governments to engage in long-term planning.

Innovation and adaptation

The process of preparing for future shocks often involves fostering innovation and adaptation.