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Couchbase Capella – Database-as-a-Service (Recommended)

By:  Couchbase

Couchbase Capella is a fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) for enterprise applications. We’ll manage the database, you focus on development.

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Product Overview

Couchbase Capella is the modern database for enterprise applications, delivered as a service by Couchbase, whose customers include more than 30% of the Fortune 100.

Couchbase Capella delivers:

– Performance: Extremely high throughput and low latency with our in-memory architecture

– Developer Agility: Integrated services like key-value caching, SQL query, JSON document flexibility, full-text search, and real-time analytics from a single platform

– Scaling with Ease: Scale services vertically, nodes horizontally, replicate automatically

-Data sync between Capella and edge devices, as well as authentication and management of mobile/edge users

– Get data reliability across geo-aware clusters and security peace of mind with end-to-end encryption from the SDK to the disk.

Getting Started

– Capella Trial: 30 days free

– On-Demand Credits: Pay-as-you-go

– Capella Quick Start ($1,562 in value): Includes 1,250 Credits for the Developer Pro Service Plan

– Capella Develop Bundle ($8,000 in value): Includes 5,000 Credits for the Developer Pro service plan, an Assoc. Developer Certification, and 3 days of remote developer advice

– Capella Production Bundle ($43,000 in value): Includes 25,000 Credits for the Developer Pro service plan, an Assoc. Developer Certification, and Production Readiness consulting advice

Credits are consumed based on the configuration and service settings. Data transfer charges are billed separately.

Need more information or a custom package, contact us for a private offer here: sales@muttii.com.

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Fulfillment MethodSoftware as a Service (SaaS)

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  • Flexible development across use cases – Our integrated data platform supports SQL for JSON documents, relational structures, key-value access, full-text search and real-time analytics. Access with your favorite programming language.
  • Mobile ready – Sync data between Capella and edge devices, and authenticate and manage mobile/edge users
  • Blazing fast; the lowest TCO at scale – Our real-time, memory-first architecture delivers millisecond data responses with price-performance keeps improving as you scale.

Pricing Information

Below are the total costs for these different subscription durations.
Additional taxes or fees may apply.

Couchbase Capella – Database-as-a-Service (Recommended)

Capella Trial


30 day trial of Couchbase Capella

12 Months
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Capella On-Demand


Pay-as-you-go for Couchbase

12 Months
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Capella Develop


Develop on Capella Package

12 Months
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Capella Production


Deploy on Couchbase Capella Package

12 Months
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Capella Quickstart


Quickstart Couchbase Capella Package

12 Months
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Additional usage fees

You will be billed monthly for additional usage costs if your usage exceeds your contract. Your additional usage costs will be determined by the number of units you use above your contract.

1 pay-as-you-go Basic Credit$1/unit
1 pay-as-you-go Developer Pro Credit$1.25/unit
1 pay-as-you-go Enterprise Credit$2/unit
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Usage Information

Fulfillment Options

Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Software as a service is a delivery model for software applications whereby the vendor hosts and operates the application over the Internet. Customers pay for using the software without owning the underlying infrastructure. With SaaS Contracts, customers will pay for usage through their AWS bill.

End User License Agreement

By subscribing to this product you agree to terms and conditions outlined in the product End User License Agreement (EULA)