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Crownpeak Digital Experience Management Platform (DXP)

By:  Crownpeak

The only true cloud-native DXP — providing scalable and secure, world-class websites and more. Move faster, integrate with all your existing marketing technologies, and deliver trust-building privacy experiences that are brand consistent, accessible and web compliant – for any device or audience.

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Product Overview

Crownpeak, the only true cloud-native digital experience platform, offers a suite of powerful tools that deliver the industry’s fastest time-to-market across web content management, optimization, governance, and privacy UX. Crownpeak helps brands quickly create and deliver digital experiences that build trust and maximize customer lifetime value. On top of its powerful CMS, Crownpeak includes built-in personalization and testing tools, on-site tag and performance monitoring, and content governance. As the leader in customizable privacy experiences compliant with global privacy regulations — such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) — Crownpeak provides the world’s only API-based consent-as-a-service system, able to optimize progressive consent across all devices and channels. Hundreds of Global 2000 customers — including Toyota, Healthgrades, and Unilever — rely on Crownpeak to deliver privacy-first and high-quality digital experiences with a quicker time to market.

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  • Web Content Management: Enterprise WCM features combined with industry-leading time-to-market, a flexible headless optional deployment system, and automatic, silent upgrades, so you can focus on delivering exceptional digital experiences.
  • Experience Quality Optimization & Governance: Combining personalization and testing tools, on-site tag and performance monitoring, and content governance, we ensure your experiences are personal, accessible, responsive, consistent, and secure.
  • Privacy UX: Crownpeak’s Privacy UX tools give you the ultimate flexibility in crafting rich digital experiences that build customer equity and are compliant with global privacy laws.

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Crownpeak Digital Experience Management Platform (DXP)

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