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Protect your data from
any threat with a single
solution Cyber Protection

Include all features of Mutti Cyber Backup

From $85.00

Complete Cyber Protection

Managing cyber protection in a constantly evolving threat landscape is a challenge. Safeguard your data from any threat with Muttii Cyber Protection – the only cyber protection solution that natively integrates data protection and cybersecurity.


Market Leading Backup & Recovery

Eliminate gaps in your defenses with integrated backup and anti-ransomware Cyber Protection technologies.

Cybersecurity to beat any threat

Safeguard every bit of data against new and evolving cyberthreats with advanced.

Integrated Protection Management

Streamline endpoint protection with integrated and automated URL filtering.

Easy, efficient and secure cyber


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Simplify your protection efforts with a single, integrated solution:

  • Easily manage all protection aspects via a single console
  • Eliminate performance and compatibility issues
  • Save time and hassle associated with managing multiple tools

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Get better results through integration and automation

  • Streamline protection management
  • Cut unnecessary administrative time
  • Eliminate unnecessary costing

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Eliminate gaps in your defenses to keep your data safe from any threat

  • Proactively avoid costly downtime
  • Quickly and easily identify and fix issues
  • Block ransomware attacks before they happen

Deliver easy, efficient
and secure cyber
protection as a service

By running Muttii Cyber Protect in the Muttii Cloud, you can deliver advanced cyber protection to every endpoint in any location – making it ideal for today’s mobile and remote work environments.

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Complete protection for modern-day threats

Advanced Backup Server

With Muttii Cyber Protect, you gain real-time protection with MI-based static and anti-malware technologies

Fail-safe patching

Eliminate the risk of bad patches rendering a system unusable. Pre patch implementation, image backup is automatically performed

Forensic backup

With our Cyber Protect’s Forensic Mode, you’ll manage compliance requirements and run faster internal investigations.

Safe recovery

Prevent reinfection via integrated anti-malware scanning and malware removal during the recovery process.

Continuous data protection

Safeguard new data as it’s created. Our agent monitors changes made to back them up so recent changes aren’t lost.

Global threat monitoring

Benefit from our global network of cyber Protection by receiving real-time alerts on malware, vulnerabilities, and cyber threats

Data compliance reporting

Track protection status of important files by ensuring compliance reporting about stored data classification

Allowlists from backups

Scan backups with advanced anti-malware technologies and allowlist your organisation’s applications.

Cyber Protect

Protect your data from
any threat

Includes all features of Muttii Cyber Backup

From $85.00

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