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DataRobot AI Cloud Platform for AWS

By:   DataRobot

DataRobot is the world’s leading end-to-end AI/ML Platform

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Product Overview

DataRobot and AWS make it easy for more users across enterprises to generate business impact with responsible and governable AI at scale.

The DataRobot end-to-end AI/ML Platform unifies data types, users, models, and environments to deliver critical business insights. DataRobot can be deployed in three ways on AWS: DataRobot’s Public SaaS, Customer VPC, and Dedicated Managed AI Cloud (DMAIC). DataRobot Dedicated Managed AI Cloud is a dedicated deployment of the latest version of DataRobot delivered as a service, hosted in AWS and managed by DataRobot experts. Eliminating the time and cost of on-premises implementation, DataRobot Dedicated Managed AI Cloud is available on AWS regions around the world via Private Offer only.

Seamlessly integrated with AWS, the DataRobot AI Cloud platform incorporates the knowledge, experience, and best practices of the world’s leading data scientists to help your business transform into an AI-driven enterprise.

AI Leaders, responsible for developing AI strategy in an organization, can use the DataRobot platform to address high-value business problems at scale

AI Builders, responsible for implementing AI strategy, can leverage awide range of tools to develop, iterate, and deploy AI/ML models

Business Executives, responsible for driving outcomes with AI, can monitor real-time business impact and have peace-of-mind about AI’s responsible implementation and one-button compliance documentation.

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) enables you to quickly build, deploy, and monitor AI models at enterprise scale. AutoML automates AI’s most complex, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks.

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) allows Data Science and IT teams to collaboratively deploy, monitor, and manage ML models in production. From a single pane of glass, users can apply advanced governance, model telemetry, and automated model improvement.

Trusted and Explainable AI ensures that your models are transparent, explainable, and equitable. DataRobot Explainable AI allows users full model transparency and fix issues before they materialize.

Automated Time Series (AutoTS) automates the development of sophisticated time series models, used to improve forecasts for sales volume, product demand by SKU, staffing, inventory, and many other applications.

No-Code AI App Builder quickly & codelessly turns models into an application. Using DataRobot’s pre-built templates, customized apps can automatically return detailed prediction explanations, perform what-if analysis, and visualize model results..

Data Preparation lets you visually and interactively explore, combine, and shape diverse datasets at enterprise scale.

DataRobot offers best practices documented in horizontal and industry specific use cases developed from a decade of experience in creating impact for complex environments.

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  • Automated Feature Engineering: Prepare data for modeling automatically, performing operations like missing value imputation and standardization. DataRobot transforms data into features that are optimized for each algorithm for the best results.
  • Unmatched Accuracy: Use the latest and most powerful open source machine learning libraries, and employ the same advanced techniques that data scientists use, including boosting, bagging, random forests, deep learning, and many others.
  • Innovation with Democratization: Support the advanced capabilities that data scientists require, in an easy-to-use way. DataRobot employs data science best practices and guardrails so users can collaborate and participate in an AI-driven culture.

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DataRobot AI Cloud Platform for AWS

DataRobot AI Cloud


Starter Pack for AutoML, AutoTS, MLOps; 5 users; standard support

12 Months
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