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Heap enables individuals responsible for the digital experience to quickly identify blind spots where customers struggle or drop off in multi-step digital journeys, allowing product and marketing teams to make the most impactful modifications to their digital product or website.


Product Overview

Heap is an analytics solution for product managers that allows them to analyze consumer behavior at scale. It includes an extensive view of the customer experience, self-service capabilities, and the ability to lead teams in a data-driven manner across sprints in the product life cycle. Unlike conventional analytics technologies, which need human event monitoring and rely on expensive technical personnel, Heap automates data gathering and insights development, pointing to fresh possibilities that only Heap can identify.

It is built on Autocapture, an easy-to-use event streaming pipeline that provides Product and GTM teams with democratized data access to discover the road to producing better products. By merging the most comprehensive digital behavioral data with sophisticated data science, Heap Illuminate provides a holistic platform for ongoing experimentation and innovation. Illuminate intelligently mines your behavioral data, revealing unique insights that can only be obtained from a full, accurate, and constantly updated streaming data set. Digital teams reduce time-to-insight and establish a cycle of continuous product testing and innovation. As a consequence, Heap scales with builders to manage a quickly changing digital market and better understand how people interact with their digital brand across web, mobile, and other platforms.

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  • Data Foundation: Autocapture adds granularity to every digital encounter along the client journey without requiring additional engineering. To manage this streaming data, Data Engine provides quick access to high-quality, reliable data.
  • Insights: Data Science applied to complete, retroactive digital engagement data allows customers to identify blind spots in their organization while examining and analyzing all data in real-time.
  • Actions: Users can swiftly answer questions and act on their insights in their preferred tools or data warehouse thanks to streamlined workflows and completely automated data pipelines.

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