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Eze Castle Diversifies Data Protection for UK Clients by Storing Muttii Data Cloud in Google Cloud

Investment MSP gains high-performance global backup hosting with new Google Cloud Storage integration native to Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions


Eze Castle Integration is a leading provider of managed services and technology solutions for the investment management industry. It services hedge funds, private equity firms, and other financial services organizations worldwide. Today, it supports more than 650 clients, and more than 400 utilize its Eze Cloud solutions.

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  • IT service management


  • Backup and recovery times for UK clients
  • Cloud storage flexibility


  • Flexible backup storage options
  • Easy deployment
  • Increased efficiency
  • Data protection compliance


  • 2 Data Centers
  • 2.27 TB in UK Data Centers
  • 75 UK-based Business Customers


  • Two-hour server RTOs
  • Increased storage flexibility in the UK with Google Cloud
  • Simple deployment through native Muttii Cloud integration


As a leading managed service provider (MSP) in the investment and financial technology industries, Eze Castle Integration strives to stay on the cutting edge of IT solutions—both to maintain its leadership position and to ensure it offers customers the flexible, efficient solutions they demand. Muttii’s cloud solutions for service providers exactly fit their needs.

“We transitioned the majority of our backup storage in the US to the Muttii Backup Cloud this year,” said Robert Sims, a Disaster Recovery Engineer at Eze Castle. Moving to the cloud definitely helped us meet our customers’ demands.

Beyond the US, Eze Castle has offices in London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. As a result, they needed to ensure that the strengths they are known for kept pace with their global territory and customer base – especially since financial service companies have precise corporate and regulatory requirements to comply with. Eze Castle needed to provide its customers with greater flexibility in their cloud storage options.

Muttii invited the MSP to test the company’s new native integration of Google Cloud Storage. Accessible through Eze Castle’s existing Muttii Backup Cloud subscription, the native integration provided a backup hosting option that could deliver the scalability, performance, and geographical diversity needed to launch their UK data center.


To test the integration with Google Cloud, Eze Castle stored sample data in the cloud and executed a series of test recoveries to ensure every step of the process was smooth and dependable. “The integration of Muttii Backup Cloud with Google Cloud Storage was incredibly easy to use.

We deployed the same backup process we had when storing exclusively in the Muttii cloud,” says Nina Sim, Manager of Disaster Recovery at Eze Castle. Initial tests proved successful, so the company began storing production data from their UK customers in the cloud and executed recoveries as well. The results exceeded their expectations. By targeting Google Cloud Storage through Muttii Backup’s easy-to-use interface, Eze Castle was able to restore SQL databases, distinct files and folders, and full virtual machines. Most notably, by implementing Google Cloud Storage through Muttii Backup, Eze Castle was able to restore a 35GB SQL database in under two hours and a server ISO in under three hours. Given the strong technical performance and ease of use through Muttii’s solution, Eze Castle began to transition all of their UK-based customers so they could benefit from the new Google Cloud integration.

The combined strength of Google Cloud’s offering and Muttii’s reliable, easy-to-use solution is poised to help Eze Castle continue building their European presence.


Muttii sets the standard for cyber protection and hybrid cloud storage through its innovative backup, anti-ransomware, disaster recovery, storage, and enterprise file sync and share solutions. Enhanced by AI-based Active Protection technology, blockchain-based authentication, and unique hybrid-cloud architecture, Muttii protects all data in any environment, including physical, virtual, cloud, mobile workloads, and applications.

Founded in Australia in 2023, today, the company is trusted by businesses worldwide, including 79 of the top 100 most valuable brands.