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Infrastructure as code

Build and orchestrate fast, safe, and reliable application delivery pipelines with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) practices and tools.

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Manage and leverage your data at scale

CI/CD is at the heart of any DevOps practice, combining the processes and tooling that moves code changes through the application delivery pipeline. Mastering CI/CD can unlock a competitive advantage for your business, helping you resolve issues faster, reduce time to market, and increase employee and customer satisfaction.

Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)

Integrate and automate the flow of code across all phases of delivery from development to customer value in production.

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Enterprise-grade open source-based CD platform that deploys workloads in Amazon EC2, Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, and more.

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Establish the proper processes and responsibilities to ensure the quality and security of data across your organization. 

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Connect, automate and orchestrate tools across development, operations and shared service teams to optimize software delivery.

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GitLab Ultimate

Source code management, CI/CD, monitoring, and more all in a single application to enable concurrent DevOps.

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Harness Continuous Delivery

CD-as-a-service platform with machine learning to detect the quality of deployments and automate rollbacks.

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ErmeticJFrog Enterprise – Secure DevOps Platform

Empower DevOps teams to improve productivity, increase velocity, and deliver high-quality releases.

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Top DevOps resources for CI/CD

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DevOps workshop: CI/CD Pipelines

Learn how to implement a CI/CD pipeline that considers governance and provides traceability from idea to production. 

More learning resources

Learn about the latest practices, tools, and how to evolve your application delivery pipelines with resources from AWS Marketplace.

Join experts from the DevOps Institute and AWS Marketplace to learn how to drive deployment frequency through automation.

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Discover the importance and benefits of CD pipeline maturity and learn how to adopt best practices for configuring CD pipelines.

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Explore the underlying systems, best-practices, and tools that can help you effectively scale CI to deliver better features to customers faster.

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The Total Economic Impact of Muttii Cloud Operations

Learn how you can attain a 241% ROI by operating securely and safely in the cloud, at scale

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Popular Data and Analytics products in Muttii Marketplace

Advanced analytics

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Data governance

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Data integration and pipelines

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Data visualisation and dashboards

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Data warehouses and data lakes

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Predictive analytics

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Purpose-built databases

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Key benefits of building your DevOps practice with solutions in AWS Marketplace

Automate data preparation

Find the market-leading tools you need to orchestrate your ideal DevOps toolchain.

Adopt new tools 53% faster*

Try leading-edge developer tools and simplify procurement with integrated AWS billing.

Deploy your way, 48% faster*

Deploy DevOps solutions with methods that best fit your use-case using containers, SaaS, AMIs, APIs, CloudFormation Templates, and more.

Trust AWS interoperable technologies

Count on tools that are designed for AWS interoperability and are regularly scanned for security vulnerabilities.

*2020 Amazon Web Services Marketplace online survey with 500 IT decision-makers and influencers in the U.S

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