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IronRadar enables security teams to “proactively block” known and new C2 servers, adversary infrastructure used by APT groups for launching attacks. Designed for easy integration, augmenting your cybersecurity stack to block C2 infrastructure is only an HTTP request away.

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Product Overview

IronRadar provides emerging threat indicators to proactively block known and newly discovered C2 servers and adversary infrastructure, make informal decisions, and defend against today’s sophisticated attacks.

The IronRadar provides added value across all SOC functions and security teams by:
– Proactively blocking C2 infrastructure and reduce attack surface
– Enabling threat hunting, streamlining investigations with additional context and increasing productivity
– Detection engineering with SIEM rule creation
– Incident enrichment via SOAR
– Allowing CISOs to gain critical insight into the threat landscape

Built by our team of expert offensive and defensive cybersecurity operators in the IronNet Cyber Operations Center who bring unparalleled experience defending some of the world’s most secure networks and hunting for sophisticated attackers.

The feed has a well defined API enabling easy integration with existing cybersecurity tools – TIP, Firewall, SIEM, SOAR, EDR, and others. Integration information can be found at

Priced per single consuming IP. Not for distribution or enrichment.

Sold ByIronNet Cybersecurity
Fulfillment MethodSoftware as a Service (SaaS)


  • Patent pending approach to proactively identify C2 servers launching attacks using legitimate red team activities frameworks. Enables your SOC to “shift left” and actively block emerging threat indicators.
  • Allows security teams to become ‘intelligence led’ by exposing the adversaries and evolving tradecraft targeting your infrastructure enabling you to accelerate your threat response by prioritizing the threats that matter most.
  • Real-time threat intelligence integrated into any security solution – SIEM, SOAR, Incident Response, and more.

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Annual C2 Threat Intelligence Feed License (base subscription)

12 Months
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Software as a Service (SaaS)

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