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Jamf Protect is an endpoint security and mobile threat defence (MTD) solution that helps companies fight against current threats, ensure endpoint compliance, detect active assaults, and respond to them.

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Product Overview

Purpose-built endpoint security and mobile threat defence (MTD) for Mac and mobile devices that allows organizations to maintain compliance, defend against the modern threat landscape, and identify and respond to security incidents with minimal impact on the end-user experience.

Why Jamf Protect?

Apple creates one of the most secure out-of-box systems on the market. However, hackers enjoy a challenge, and Apple’s tremendous expansion and usage in the industry make its devices a tempting target.

Enhanced endpoint security. Jamf Protect enhances Apple’s built-in security features with improved visibility, prevention, control, and remediation capabilities.

Full support on release day. Upgrade your gadgets according to your timetable, not ours. We employ the Apple endpoint security API in macOS and other native frameworks on macOS and iOS to provide same-day compatibility for the most recent Apple software and hardware.

Many firms are expanding their Apple fleets; therefore, IT and security departments must:

* Manage the entire Apple ecosystem
* Connect users to resources securely
* Protect each Apple endpoint from vulnerabilities

They must achieve this in an efficient, cost-effective manner while conforming to evolving company compliance and privacy norms.

Get the Jamf Business or Enterprise Plan. The best, the easiest way to manage and secure Apple at work. Find the best plan for your organization – https://www.jamf.com/pricing/

For custom pricing, EULA, or a private contract, please contact sales@muttii.com, for a private offer

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  • Endpoint prevention provides comprehensive identification and prevention against Apple-specific malware and threats. Device controls to manage how removable storage devices are used to prevent data loss.
  • Threat Prevention – Prevent threats that put corporate data at risk. Block phishing, ransomware, malicious domains. Block web-based or internet-based threats. Enforce acceptable use policy and block risky content.
  • Compliance & Visibility – Audit security benchmarks to ensure ongoing compliance of Mac and mobile devices. Log rich telemetry to aide in incident investigations. Full visibility into security events.
Jamf Protect

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