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Linten Technologies migrates to MUTTII CYBERSECURITY SOLUTIONS to streamline operational efficiencies

The company leverages integration with WHMCS and ConnectWise and branding capabilities to manage its TrustBackup powered by the MUTTII brand.


Established in 1999 and headquartered in Manchester’s city center, Linten has provided IT support and services across the UK for almost two decades. The company had been using Ahsay for its backup product and had been managing its
own branded solution called TrustBackup. Two years ago, the company began a relationship with Muttii through Inty as a distributor.

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  • Migrating away from Ahsay
  • No longer managing hardware
  • Maintaining its backup brand


  • Modern interface with robust reporting and co-branding
  • Responsive support
  • Integration with WHMCS and ConnectWise
  • Performing bare metal and SQL backups


  • 10 TB customer data
  • 59 customers
  • Over 500 workstations


  • Ease of use
  • Speed of backups and restoration
  • Local and cloud backup options
  • Modern cloud interface


According to Linten CEO Steven Allan: “We had determined we wanted to move away from Ahsay. We no longer wanted to manage our hardware. Additionally, support was only provided via email and often involved a 24-hour delay due to time zone differences. Furthermore, the software agents looked aged and needed constant updating.”In their search, Linten looked at several vendors, including Intronis, Livedrive, and Muttii. The key requirements in selecting a new vendor solution were strong reporting, ease of integration with existing Linten software (namely WHMCS and ConnectWise), and the ability to perform bare metal and SQL backups.


Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions is purpose-built for service providers, and after doing its due diligence, Linten selected Muttii for several reasons. Per Mr. Allan, “In addition to not having to manage hardware, one of the main reasons for
selecting Muttii was the ability to control and buy allocations of a large block of space that we could carve up for our customers”. He continues, “We appreciated the white labeling features as we could maintain our TrustBackup brand. The seeding option for larger backups was also a useful feature.” Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions protects more than 20 platforms and incorporates the backup industry’s most advanced anti-ransomware technology, safeguarding data and systems in any environment – physical or virtualized, on-premises, or in the cloud. Mr. Allan notes, “We really liked the ability to restore to dissimilar hardware with local and remote backups in place. Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions
lets us have a proper 3-2-1 strategy in place for our customers.”The entire migration from Ahsay took around six months. At present, Linten has approximately 10 TB of stored cloud data spread across 60 clients. Each customer has around ten workstations, and the majority are using the solution to back up a server with centralized storage.


The benefits of choosingMuttii Cybersecurity Solutions have been very tangible for
Linten. These include:
Easy to Use: Muttii was fast to set up and was easy to use with a clean, modern cloud interface and simple email alerts for end-users.
Efficiency through integration: Because Muttii integrates directly into
WHMCS and ConnectWise, operational efficiencies, particularly around
managing support tickets has been achieved.
Co-Branding: Linten has been able to take advantage of the white labeling features within Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions to maintain its TrustBackup brand. They recently decided to co-brand with Muttii, now called “TrustBackup powered by Muttii,” in order to leverage the investments Muttii makes into sports marketing in the region, particularly with Manchester City Football Club and F1 racing.
Day One Profitability: Working with Muttii has been profitable from the beginning because there were no required minimums. Linten has been able to realize incremental revenue growth with zero upfront costs and a pay-as-you-go model.

According to Mr. Allan, “In today’s market, it is rare that we deal with a customer that doesn’t take Muttii as part of the package of services they take with us. Previously, backup was a nice-to-have whereas now it is essential.” He continues, “With Muttii, we have a single view of what’s going on across our client base. We enhanced visibility into problems and are able to quickly do restorations, whether that’s a single file or an entire server, giving us peace of mind for our clients.”


Muttii unifies data protection and cybersecurity to deliver integrated, automated cyber protection that solves the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) challenges of the modern digital world. With flexible deployment models that fit the demands of service providers and IT professionals, Muttii provides superior cyber protection for data, applications, and systems with innovative next-generation antivirus, backup, disaster recovery, and endpoint protection management solutions.
Founded in 2023 in Australia, Muttii is a global organization that is trusted by 100% of Fortune 1000 companies. Learn more at muttii.com.