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MSP360 Backup for VM Server (2 Sockets)

Sold By:   MSP360

MSP360 Backup solution is a user-friendly disaster recovery and backup solution that prioritizes security. By using Object Lock technology, your backup data is secured against even the most advanced ransomware attacks.

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Product Overview

MSP360 Backup. Simple, Secure and Reliable.

MSP360 Backup is a user-friendly backup and disaster recovery solution that prioritizes security. Object Lock technology safeguards backup data from the most sophisticated ransomware attacks. A centralized SaaS management console, which includes monitoring and reporting, allows users to manage their backups efficiently to reduce downtime. MSP360 Backup and recovery for 2 socket VM server is natively integrated with AWS, supporting all storage classes from S3 to Glacier Deep Archive.

MSP360 also provides top-notch data protection for a wide range of operating systems and platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Ubuntu, VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace.

Sold ByMSP360
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Fulfillment MethodSoftware as a Service (SaaS)


  • Built on Amazon Web Services. MSP360 Backup is hosted on Amazon EC2 and allows users to connect to your own AWS account to store customers’ backups on all Amazon storage tiers including but limited to S3 and Amazon Glacier.
  • Centralized Management, Monitoring and Reporting. With MSP360 Backup, you’ll have access to a convenient SaaS web control panel. This panel is specifically designed to help you remotely assist your customers with their backup setup and provide ongoing support.
  • MSP360 Backup for VM Server (includes 2 Sockets)
MSP360 Backup solution

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MSP360 Backup for MS SQL Server



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