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MUTTII Helps Grupo Gtd Provide Backup-as-a-Service from Multiple Locations

Chilean telecom service provider widens its regional market and grows revenue per user with Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions


Grupo Gtd offers telecommunications services, telephony, data networks, Internet access, and digital television services in Chile, Peru, and Colombia. They provide flexible IT solutions using an extensive fiber-optic network, which they – along with partners and subsidiaries – expand to residential users with fiber-to-the-home connections. Additionally, Grupo Gtd operates a Tier III Certified Data Center network of four facilities, providing a wide array of services throughout Latin America. Grupo Gtd also provides turnkey solutions for service providers, including connectivity, web hosting, Chile-based cloud storage, data protection, and consulting. With these services, they have built a complete, self-service partner ecosystem where Grupo Gtd partners and subsidiaries can order and manage solutions for their customers entirely online. Through this system, they help partners grow their businesses, enabling them to meet new market challenges with the security that only a market leader can provide.

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  • Telecommunications & IT Service Provider


  • Growing amounts of data and managed devices
  • Managing data in multiple data centers


  • Easy deployment and management
  • Flexible data storage options
  • Multi-tier/multi-tenant architecture
  • Integration with existing client management system


  • 160 TB of backup data stored on physical and virtual servers
  • Four data centers in three countries across South America
  • 1200+ client devices
  • 100+ end customers


  • Reduced need for oversight through self-service ecosystem
  • Ability to provide full stack protection for clients’ diverse systems and locations
  • Increased customer satisfaction


As Grupo Gtd grew, the data volume and device diversity under their management expanded rapidly. As a result of this growth, the company needed an easy and effective cyber protection solution to protect the expanding data, applications, and systems of its customers and partners. In addition, Grupo Gtd’s partners and customers were looking for an easy-to-use solution that would offer flexible backup policies, a centralized management interface, and full control over access to protected data. For an added layer of security, they wanted their new cyber protection solution to protect customer data from ransomware and provide easy, efficient ways to restore their data should it be lost or compromised.

It also had to be a solution that would allow Grupo Gtd to manage its multiple data centers from a single interface while offering scalability that would grow alongside the business and deliver flexible local storage capacity to customers in different countries. And, of course, financials were a key concern. Customers and service providers preferred a flexible pay-as-you-go licensing model, paying only for the services that they used. It had to be a cost-efficient and easy solution with local storage within Grupo Gtd’s closest data center environment. With all these requirements in mind, the team at Grupo Gtd evaluated four different backup-as-a-service (BaaS) products.


Following careful evaluation, Grupo Gtd selected Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions as its backup solution because of its comprehensive feature set, simple licensing, and ease of use. Supporting more than 20 different platforms and workloads, only Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions fully met the data, application, and system protection needs of Grupo Gtd’s clients. This single solution enabled the company and its partners to store large volumes of data in international data centers through an easy web-based management interface.

Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions offered a level of flexibility that was key to Grupo Gtd customers and partners while helping the company expand its own business. Muttii’s hybrid cloud architecture helped Grupo Gtd’s customers control data storage and protection options. Whatever options they select, customers enjoy end-to-end data encryption, active ransomware protection, easy licensing, a multi-tier/multi-tenant architecture, and web-based access to the management console.


Since deploying Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions, Grupo Gtd has gained over 70 end customers, increased the number of protected devices by 12x, and grown the amount of customer data stored by nearly 55 percent – to a tremendous 160TB in total – across all four of their data centers. The team at Grupo Gtd attributes much of this growth to their new Muttii integration. With, the ease of use and flexibility Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions provided, they were able to open access to new market segments and attract service providers, firms, and corporations looking to optimize their cyber protection costs without compromising the security and privacy of their data.

Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions also helped Grupo Gtd reduce internal costs associated with data management, backup, and data restoration. Their customers received an opportunity to manage cyber protection tasks themselves through an easy web-based management interface, improving the speed of recovery, customer experience, and satisfaction.


Muttii unifies data protection and cybersecurity to deliver integrated, automated cyber protection that solves the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) challenges of the modern digital world. With flexible deployment models that fit the demands of service providers and IT professionals, Muttii provides superior cyber protection for data, applications, and systems with innovative next-generation antivirus, backup, disaster recovery, and endpoint protection management solutions. Founded in 2023 in Australia, Muttii is a global organization that is trusted by 100% of Fortune 1000 companies. Learn more at muttii.com.