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Splunk Observability Cloud

By:  Splunk

Splunk Observability Cloud is the only fully integrated, turn-key solution for DevOps teams to conquer the complexity caused by modern applications and infrastructure. It powers high performing applications to deliver world-class customer experiences by eliminating operational blindspots. You can quickly find, analyze and resolve incidents anywhere in your stack with all the answers in one place. Unlike other vendors, with Splunk Observability Cloud you only need to instrument once with OpenTelemetry to get unified metrics, traces and logs collected in real-time, without sampling for full-stack, end-to-end visibility. AI-driven pattern detection proactively identifies and alerts on issues in seconds, drastically lowering MTTR. One tightly integrated modern UI powered by the most advanced capabilities means reduced tool sprawl, centralized management, cost control, and one seamless and streamlined workflow for monitoring, troubleshooting, investigation and resolution.

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Product Overview

Splunk Observability Cloud is the only fully integrated, turn-key solution of all the tools DevOps teams need to monitor any stack at any scale. One seamless UI provides end-to-end visibility, context rich workflows and lets you drill down to root cause in seconds.

Splunk Observability Cloud includes:

Infrastructure Monitoring – Splunk Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring provides DevOps, CloudOps, and SRE teams with real-time, full-stack visibility across all layers of their environment. With hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations, streaming analytics, pre-built dashboards, intelligent problem detection, programmability, and Service Bureau capabilities, Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring provides the fastest, most flexible visualization and accurate alerting for enterprise DevOps teams to meet or exceed Service Level Objectives (SLOs) by quickly detecting, triaging and resolving performance issues.

Synthetic Monitoring – Splunk Synthetic Monitoring helps teams proactively eliminate customer-facing issues and optimize web and API performance to deliver better digital experiences. Our solution goes beyond basic uptime monitoring and incorporates filmstrips and screen recordings of user experience, OOTB benchmarks and customizable performance metrics, and seamless connectivity to a suite of observability solutions to help teams quickly understand and prioritize performance defects wherever they originate, and collaborate to quickly resolve these issues to deliver digital experiences that delight customers.

APM (incl. Always On Profiling) – Splunk APM is the industry’s most advanced Observability solution to troubleshoot issues and optimize performance for modern applications. It includes:

100% data capture: Never miss an issue or anomaly across in your code or traces with Full-Fidelity, NoSample data capture to ingest and contextualize all your telemetry data, and code profiling to identify performance bottlenecks
Directed troubleshooting: easily identify, scope, and resolve issues with guided troubleshooting that automatically correlates and contextualizes system performance to find root cause faster
OpenTelemetry standardization: engineering teams receive flexible instrumentation to build and measure data from new code in services, with no proprietary vendor lock in

Real User Monitoring – Splunk RUM connects ALL front-end traces with their backend tracing, providing unmatched visibility that enables DevOps teams to understand exactly how their backend services impact user experience, thereby simplifying troubleshooting and resource allocation. With streaming analytics, SREs and developers are alerted within seconds of any user issue, and powerful AI capabilities coupled with high cardinality analysis enable them to bring the issue to speedy resolution. OpenTelemtry-based instrumentation provides maximum flexibility and ensures customers are never locked in.

Log Observer Connect – Consolidate your tools by unifying the logs from Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud, with our best-in-class metrics and traces. Log Observer Connect lets observability users explore the data you’re already sending to your existing Splunk instances with Splunk Log Observer’s intuitive no-code interface for faster troubleshooting, root-cause analysis and better cross-team collaboration.

Splunk Observability Cloud suite starts at $15 per host, per month, billed annually. Minimum host quantities pricing apply.

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Fulfillment MethodSoftware as a Service (SaaS)


  • Full-stack, end-to-end visibility: with a tightly integrated modern UI and seamless, context- rich workflows for full stack monitoring, troubleshooting and investigation of the unknown unknowns. Splunk Splunk Observability Cloud lets you drill down to root cause in seconds. You can easily integrate your existing monitoring tools to bring full context to alerts behind every incident.
  • NoSample™ full fidelity tracing: no more dead end investigations using a NoSample™ full fidelity approach to capture and visualize all data, in context, making sure no anomalies get missed. Find the backend root cause of any front-end issue. When troubleshooting backend issues, full fidelity tracing helps finding any issue, even those that do not result in system errors, and issues that no one anticipated.
  • Monitor any stack at any scale: Great for on-prem, hybrid and multicloud environments. Splunk Observability Cloud is a future-proof observability investment with a solution that will scale with customers and can meet the needs of any cloud-native environment, no matter how large (up to petabytes of ingest per day) or how complex (multiple cloud environments all integrated into one system of record), without compromising performance.

Pricing Information

Below are the total costs for these different subscription durations.
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Splunk Observability Cloud

OBSCloud: Infrastructure


Real-time visibility for infrastructure health. 200 hosts included

12 Months
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OBSCloud: App & Infra


All the data you need to adopt microservices. 100 hosts included

12 Months
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OBSCloud: End-to-End


Troubleshoot O11y with ease to create the best UX. 100 hosts included

12 Months
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