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Sysdig Cloud Security and Observability

By:  Sysdig

Sysdig helps AWS users secure and accelerate innovation in the cloud. Powered by runtime insights, Sysdig secures AWS cloud services, including Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, and AWS Fargate. Built on Falco, the open source solution for cloud threat detection, the Sysdig cloud security platform stops threats in real-time and reduces vulnerabilities by up to 95%. Sysdig observability for AWS cloud and containers simplifies monitoring and lowers costs with immediate granular insights and remediation guidance for rapidly changing environments.

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Product Overview

Sysdig secures cloud innovation on AWS with the power of runtime insights. From shift left to shield right, you can prevent, detect, and respond at cloud speed.

SYSDIG SECURE provides a Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) solution featuring the capabilities of a Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP), Cloud Detection and Response (CDR), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM). Our roots are in runtime with the creation of Falco, the open source solution for cloud threat detection. We help cloud teams monitor user, cloud, container, and Kubernetes activity and apply runtime insights to prioritize vulnerabilities and the most important risks.

– Secure AWS cloud services and containers running on Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, and AWS Fargate
– Strengthen shift left security, prioritize risk, remediate misconfigurations, track compliance, and reduce vulnerability noise up to 95%
– Detect threats in real-time with strategic instrumentation that combines a streaming agentless approach for cloud services with eBPF agents for deep workload visibility
– Consolidate security with an end-to-end detection approach combining drift control, machine learning, and Falco detections curated by Sysdig threat research

SYSDIG MONITOR provides observability into your AWS cloud workloads to simplify cloud and container monitoring and lower costs. Get real-time granular insights, cloud-native context, and remediation tips to troubleshoot and resolve issues in rapidly changing cloud environments. Drive cost savings and right-size your environment with usage-based recommendations. Remove do-it-yourself monitoring complexity with a 100% Prometheus-compatible solution. Collect all the custom metrics you need at a much lower cost than other solutions.

– Find insights faster with intuitive dashboards and automatic service discovery
– Simplify and scale Prometheus monitoring with an enterprise-class managed observability service
– Rightsize Kubernetes environments based on cost data, utilization, and potential savings
– Lower the cost of custom metric collection and storage

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Fulfillment MethodSoftware as a Service (SaaS)


  • STOP ATTACKS IN REAL-TIME: Leverage real-time behavioral insights and threat intelligence to continuously monitor for anomalous activity, unauthorized access, and identity-based threats.
  • PRIORITIZE AND FIX VULNERABILITIES FAST: Risk-based prioritization streamlines threat detection and response, vulnerability management, permissions management, and posture management.
  • OPTIMIZE COSTS: Consolidate security tooling, rightsize environments, streamline compliance, and reduce custom metric costs to optimize your investment in modern cloud infrastructure and management.

Pricing Information

Below are the total costs for these different subscription durations.
Additional taxes or fees may apply.

Sysdig Cloud Security and Observability

Monitor Enterprise Host


Sysdig Monitor Enterprise Standard (Host)

1 Month
12 Months
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Secure Workload Sec Host


Secure Workload Security for Containerized Host

1 Month
12 Months
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Secure CSPM Foundation


Sysdig Secure Posture Management Foundation (per Cloud Instance)

1 Month
12 Months
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Secure Workload Sec CaaS


Secure Workload Security for CaaS

1 Month
12 Months
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Additional usage fees

You will be billed monthly for additional usage costs if your usage exceeds your contract. Your additional usage costs will be determined by the number of units you use above your contract.

Additional usage fee for Secure Workload Security CaaS$0.03/host/hour
Additional usage fee for Monitor Enterprise Host$0.062/host/hour
Additional usage fee for Monitor Enterprise Standard Time Series$7/host/hour
Additional usage fee for Secure Workload Security Containerized Host$0.13/host/hour
Additional usage fee for Secure D&R – Containerized Host$0.05/host/hour
Additional usage fee for Secure D&R CaaS$0.02/host/hour
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Usage Information

Fulfillment Options

Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Software as a service is a delivery model for software applications whereby the vendor hosts and operates the application over the Internet. Customers pay for using the software without owning the underlying infrastructure. With SaaS Contracts, customers will pay for usage through their AWS bill.

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