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Twilio Segment is the world’s leading customer data platform (CDP) that collects, cleans, and federates first-party data to AWS and hundreds of additional sources.

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Product Overview

Twilio Segment is the world’s leading customer data platform (CDP). Our platform democratizes access to reliable data for all teams, and offers a complete toolkit to standardize data collection, unify user records and route customer data into any system where it’s needed. More than 20,000 companies like Intuit, FOX, Instacart, and Levi’s use Segment to make real-time decisions, accelerate growth, and deliver compelling user experiences.

With Twilio Segment & AWS leading organizations

– Build fast with a reliable, performant, and compliant stack
– Enable customer-first decisions with data you can trust
– Personalize the customer experience without sacrificing privacy

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Sold byTwilio Segment
Fulfillment MethodSoftware as a Service (SaaS)


  • Twilio Segment is powered by AWS
  • Collect and leverage first-party data to understand customers, redirect spend, and deliver real-time personalized experiences at scale
  • Twilio Segment supports numerous AWS customers across all verticals to provide personalized experiences at scale

Pricing Information

Use this tool to estimate the software and infrastructure costs based on your configuration choices. Your usage and costs might be different from this estimate. They will be reflected on your monthly AWS billing reports.

Twilio Segment

Segment CDP


Segment Connections – up to 1M MTUs/year

12 Months
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Additional usage fees

You will be billed monthly for additional usage costs if your usage exceeds your contract. Your additional usage costs will be determined by the number of units you use above your contract.

Additional Overages As Defined In The Order Form$0.01/unit
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Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Software as a service is a delivery model for software applications whereby the vendor hosts and operates the application over the Internet. Customers pay for using the software without owning the underlying infrastructure. With SaaS Contracts, customers will pay for usage through their AWS bill.

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