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Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform

By:  Verint

The Verint Cloud Platform delivers an open approach to customer and employee engagement, flexibly connecting work, data, and systems to activate and automate delightful experiences.

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Product Overview

Businesses today compete on customer experience while facing a widening gap between the resources they can provide and customer demands. The space between is called the Engagement Capacity Gap. Verint Cloud Platform closes the Engagement Capacity Gap, bringing together market-leading applications so enterprises can connect digital-first journeys, power today’s workforce of humans and bots, embrace enterprise-wide CX culture, and harness data to drive AI and analytics in a trusted, open, and multi-cloud environment.

The platform empowers a company with some of the most sophisticated technologies available to deliver proactive, hyper-personalized engagement at the right time to every customer. Powered by Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics, the breadth of tools and solutions works across your business, so you gain visibility and draw insights from every interaction.

The applications and services on the Verint Cloud Platform – including Workforce Engagement, Digital-First Engagement, and Experience Management – enable you to close the engagement capacity gap while seamlessly deliver experiences across engagement channels while uniquely support the modern, distributed workforce at scale.

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  • Open, Multi-Cloud Architecture: Verint Cloud Platform delivers an open approach to customer engagement, supporting multiple cloud environments and container-based microservices to accelerate innovation.
  • Unify and Unlock Your Data: The Verint Cloud Platform provides a bi-directional data flow with your systems of record to unify data across your ecosystem and unlock the power of your data to deliver strategic outcomes.
  • Verint Da Vinci AI & Analytics: Built on market-leading customer engagement data set from billions of real-world interactions every year, Verint Da Vinci powers next-gen innovation across the Verint Cloud Platform.

Pricing Information

Below are the total costs for these different subscription durations.
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Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform

Workforce Engagement


QM, WFM, Speech, Text and Desktop Analytics, IVA, KM and more

36 Months
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Experience Management


Interaction, Enterprise, Digital and Predictive Experience and more

36 Months
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Engagement Data Mgmt


Interaction capture, verification, identity authentication and more

36 Months
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