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XcellHost Raises Data Protection Efficiency by 50 Percent After Muttii Install

One MUTTII Deployment Replaces Four Data Protection Products for Hosting Service Provider


XcellHost is a leading provider of dedicated and shared hosting services in India. XcellHost offers a full suite of innovative cloud solutions, cloud apps, productivity solutions, data protection, and security services to small and large companies worldwide. With more than 25 virtual data centers worldwide, XcellHost is capable of delivering mission-critical services to local customers with low latency and unparalleled support quality. XcellHost’s certified and proactive support team provides 24/7 email, chat, and phone support for its secure, reliable, scalable, high-performance web hosting services to more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

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  • Web Hosting


  • Lack of a unified, integrated backup solution
  • Low visibility into client data and restorations
  • The threat of ransomware attacks
  • 25 virtual data centers worldwide
  • Physical, virtual, and cloud workloads


  • Single solution replacing four others
  • Data protection efficiency increased by 50 percent
  • Freed up time and resources


XcellHost provides mission-critical services from more than 25 virtual data centers around the world and utilizes third-party cloud services to supply its customers with all-inclusive data management and productivity solutions. Data protection plays an important part in XcellHost’s product offerings, both in terms of protecting its hybrid cloud infrastructure and giving its customers easy tools to protect their data. In light of the surging growth rate of ransomware attacks, fast and reliable backup has become critical to ensure effective cyber protection for all of their data. As XcellHost’s data and business grew in recent years, managing multiple data centers in different countries became a challenge. At one point, XcellHost used four different products for physical, virtual, and cloud workloads, an approach that was complex, time- and resource-consuming, and prone to human error. All four of the backup solutions that it used lacked the much-needed functionality of creating application-aware backups, further complicating the protection of office applications and cloud-based workloads.

Managing client backups was also difficult and took a very long time. With low visibility into client data, restoration tasks had to be performed manually, stretching XcellHost’s resources and threatening the company’s Service Level Agreements (SLA) compliance. Dealing with frequent ransomware attacks puts additional stress on the company’s resources, requiring support staff to recover malware-encrypted data.

It was clear that XcellHost required an all-in-one cyber protection solution to streamline the protection of its many data centers, increase visibility into client data, and offer self-service capabilities to empower customers to manage their data restoration tasks. The platform had to be simple enough to avoid unnecessary training but powerful and reliable enough to protect all types of data and workloads.

Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions

Following an extensive evaluation of available solutions, XcellHost selected Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions as the only solution that could fully address the aforementioned challenges. Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions – part of the Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions– provided an easy yet powerful way to back up all data, applications, and workloads in each of XcellHost’s virtual data centers.

Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions replaced the four separate products that XcellHost previously used to protect its data. The Muttii Solutions made cyber protection fast, reliable, and easy for both local system administrators and the company’s customers. It reduced the backup time of XcellHost’s data centers by 50 percent, freeing up valuable time and resources for other tasks. The system provided great visibility into customers’ data, significantly reducing the time and resources spent on data recovery. The central web-based management interface allowed XcellHost to manage backups in 25 different data centers from a central location, providing an easy way to restore data, move data between servers, and deal with service alerts.

For customer management, Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions was seamlessly integrated into XcellHost’s billing engine, providing automated service provisioning, accounting, monitoring, and billing to its customers. Muttii Active Protection, the artificial-intelligence-based anti-ransomware capability included with Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions, further extended XcellHost’s product offerings, allowing it to protect its customers’ data against malicious cyber-attacks as a built-in part of their backups. Deployed in 2016, Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions has won its place as a solid backup solution in XcellHost’s product line. XcellHost has helped numerous customers to recover from data loss and avoid paying ransoms following ransomware attacks.“Muttii Cybersecurity Solutions has greatly improved our customer satisfaction. The feedback has been great. Recently, a customer suffered a ransomware attack, and it took us only a few minutes to restore their files. It really helps us grow our business,” said Samir Jhaveri, the Managing Director of XcellHost.


Muttii unifies data protection and cybersecurity to deliver integrated, automated cyber protection that solves the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) challenges of the modern digital world. With flexible deployment models that fit the demands of service providers and IT professionals, Muttii provides superior cyber protection for data, applications, and systems with innovative next-generation antivirus, backup, disaster recovery, and endpoint protection management solutions.

Founded in Australia in 2023, Muttii operates in different countries. Many companies and top-tier professional sports teams trust its solutions. Muttii products are available through partners and service providers in 25 languages.