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Unifying data protection and
cybersecurity to protect all data,
applications and systems

Muttii Group Pty Ltd (Muttii®) is an Australian global technology company, founded in Canberra, the national capital of Australia

At Muttii, we protect the data, applications, systems and productivity of every organization – safeguarding them against cyberattacks, hardware failures, natural disasters and human errors. We empower service providers to protect their infrastructure and the infrastructure of their clients while maintaining high profit margins. We enable corporate IT teams and home office users to protect their business’ critical infrastructure with high reliability and a low cost.

Muttii history

The only cyber security for a #CyberFix future

Muttii Cyber Security Solutions cover all five vectors of cyber protection – safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity and security. Their unique automation features and ever-expanding network of integrations ensure that partners and customers stay protected at all five stages – prevention, detection, response, recovery and forensics – through a single comprehensive solution.


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“Our clients’ systems support modern society. In making them faster, more productive, and more secure, we don’t just make business work better. We make the world work better.”

Liam Smith

Chairman and CEO, Muttii Group

We Strive to improve your company and help
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Success rate and our performance is the next level

What does Muttii do

We bring together all the necessary technology and services, regardless of where

those solutions come from, to help clients solve the most pressing business problems.


A trusted partner to clients that
delivers meaningful impact faster.


Unlocks greater velocity for
clients to increase productivity.

Software Solutions

Enables clients to leverage the
full power of hybrid cloud and AI.


A trusted partner to clients that
delivers meaningful impact faster.

Muttii Cyber
Partner Program

Become a socially responsible business and work toward world equity
through educational and social efforts with Muttii!

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Apply your skills to improve business, society and the human condition. Learn what opportunities exist in our talent network.

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Leverage Muttii’ Partner Program and shorten the time it takes to gain value from your investment in Muttii products.

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Our consultants can build a fast and effective deployment plan that mitigates the technology risks for your business.

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Client Experience

Global data center presence

Help your clients meet their unique needs by storing their data where they choose. With over 57+ data centers worldwide, Muttii enables you to meet the compliance, data sovereignty, and performance requirements of all your clients on their sovereign soi

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