A comprehensive suite of cutting-edge cybersecurity products

Muttii Group places cybersecurity at the forefront of its digital defense strategy, offering a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge cybersecurity products. These solutions are tailored to counter the evolving threat landscape, safeguard sensitive data, and protect against cyber-attacks. Among these offerings is their robust identity management product, which ensures secure and authorized access to critical systems and resources. Additionally, Muttii Group’s security product provides a formidable defense against various cyber threats, incorporating threat detection.
Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud with Cybersecurity


Muttii is partnering with Noname Security to deliver advanced API security capabilities.


The email security services offered by Muttii Group provide numerous benefits to organizations and individuals

Enhanced Data Protection

Muttii Group's cybersecurity products offer advanced data protection mechanisms, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals or malicious actors

Improved Access Control

Their identity management product enables organizations to efficiently manage user access, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry and potential data breaches.

Comprehensive Threat Defense

With their security product, Muttii Group provides real-time threat detection and prevention, mitigating the impact of cyber-attacks and minimizing potential damages.

Proactive Endpoint Security

Their endpoint security product safeguards devices and endpoints from malware, ransomware, and other threats, reducing the risk of infections and data loss.

Strengthened Network Security

Muttii Group's network security product fortifies the organization's network infrastructure, ensuring safe and uninterrupted communication while preventing unauthorized access.

Secure Cloud Environments

Their cloud security product enhances the safety of cloud-based operations, protecting critical data and applications hosted on cloud platforms.


Anti-malware and antivirus

Actively protect your data, applications and systems from today’s advanced attacks. With Muttii Cyber Protect, you gain extended functionalities of Muttii Active Protection to protect your data in real-time with MI-based static and behavioral heuristic antivirus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and anti-crypto jacking technologies.

URL filtering and categorization

Achieve compliance and increase productivity by preventing attacks from malicious websites. With advanced URL filtering, you can control website access through a HTTP/HTTPS interceptor, deny and allowlists for URLs and payload analysis for malicious URLs.

Vulnerability assessment

Keep your data safer by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in your system. With our vulnerability assessments, you can scan your machines for vulnerabilities to ensure that all applications and operating systems are up-to-date and can’t be exploited by cybercriminals.