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Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud now integrates with N-able solutions

At Muttii, we strive to ensure that our service provider partners can make full use of our comprehensive cyber protection solutions alongside the tools they already rely on. Today, we’re pleased to announce that Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud now integrates with N-able RMM and N-able N-central. This new release enables MSPs to easily boost the … Read more

What’s new in Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud?

Successful MSPs today are always on the lookout for opportunities to make their operations more efficient and more integrated. After all, a service provider that optimizes its efficiency is more productive, more available for new client acquisition, and – overall – more profitable. In the September Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud release, we’ve rolled out new … Read more

Cloud storage for manufacturing

A Deloitte Insights report has found that despite the fact that 90 percent of all data was created in recent years, many manufacturers have fallen behind in adopting broader digital transformation initiatives that span the entire enterprise. According to Deloitte, if manufacturers do not embrace digitization, as many as 35 percent of today’s industrial companies … Read more

Getting Started: Bash Basics for Muttii Cyber Platform API Operations

Bash is a very powerful tool which is suitable for many management tasks. It’s particularly popular for managing Linux workloads. So, let’s look deeply at how to use bash to solve common tasks with the Muttii Cyber Platform API. The bash source code for this article is available at GitHub. No caption Prerequisites and basis … Read more

Getting Started with Muttii Cyber Platform API using Python

We are actively opening Muttii Cyber Platform API for partners and developers and it’s very important not only to provide documentation, but also to support programmers with clear code examples to complete real-life development tasks. So we are opening our fully functional Muttii Cyber Cloud integration for WHMCS on PHP and base examples of the … Read more

Why your health care data protection strategy should include intellectual property

Despite ransomware attacks on health care organizations nearly doubling over the period from 2016 to 2021, these organizations remain ill equipped at preventing and detecting these attacks. Cybercriminals typically prioritize patient data as the primary and most profitable target, but intellectual property (IP) is just as lucrative. The consequences of this data being exfiltrated or … Read more