Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 Standard (Perpetual)

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Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 Standard Edition (Perpetual License) is built for organizations with moderate volume and deployment scale requirements for BizTalk Server, one of the integral parts of the Microsoft Hybrid Integration Platform. BizTalk Server enables customers to seamlessly connect mission critical applications, automate complex business processes, and leverage numerous Microsoft Azure services. BizTalk Server 2020 Standard Edition is available with a perpetual license, a pay-once, non-subscription license that does not expire. BizTalk Server 2020 Standard Edition software may not be installed on a server that is part of a networked cluster or in an OSE that is part of a networked cluster of OSEs on the same server. Whether your applications run in the cloud or on-premises, you should have the flexibility to seamlessly connect applications, unlock data and automate business processes anywhere. BizTalk Server 2020 offers:  
  • Comprehensive application integration capabilities including a highly available on-premises and cloud solution, mission critical line of business application integration and many more.
  • Integration with latest Microsoft products such as Windows Server 2019, Visual Studio 2019, SQL Server 2017 and 2019.
  • Hybrid connectivity by enabling customers to integrate with cloud native applications, web and mobile back end systems, and custom applications directly or through Azure Logic Apps. Customers can now take advantage of Azure services like Functions, Cognitive Services, Machine Learning and more to gain actionable intelligence on their data and make informed business decisions. More Azure native integrations options are available in BizTalk Server 2020.
Support Details Please Note: Pax8 does not provide technical support for Microsoft Perpetual Licenses. Partners are required to be the first point of contact for customer support issues directly related to the procurement, license key access/activation, and product media/download fulfillment of products deemed to be Microsoft Software or Server Subscription offers. Specifically, for software license products in Microsoft CSP:  
  • Partner is not required to provide product technical support.
  • Partners can provide support guidance and direct a customer to purchase pay-per incident support from the partner, Microsoft or a third-party for technical issues.
  • Partner will provision or guide customers in self-serve provisioning of Software Licensing Activation Keys in the Microsoft Admin Center (MAC).
  • Partner will fulfill or guide customers in self-serve fulfillment of software media via download functions in the MAC.


  • Streamed across devices: You can boot instantly to your Cloud PC, streaming your Windows experience to any of your devices.
  • Always ready and updated: Streamed from the cloud and traveling with you, Windows 365 is always ready and always updated, wherever you are, on whatever device that you want to work on. It’s a simple and versatile Windows experience delivered by the Microsoft cloud.
  • Personal and familiar: Windows 365 is personalised and familiar with all your settings and content, so when you go back into your Cloud PC, it’s right where you left it.


  • Simple to buy, deploy, and manage: Windows 365 simplifies procurement, deployment, management, and updates because unlike other solutions, it uses virtualisation behind the scenes.
  • Predictable costs: Windows 365 makes purchasing Cloud PCs predictable with per-user per-month pricing.
  • Scalable and resilient: Windows 365 is secure by design, using the power of the cloud and the principles of Zero Trust. Information is secured and stored in the cloud and not on the device.

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