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x usecure is the leading human risk management (HRM) platform designed specifically for managed service providers (MSPs). By zeroing in on the human factor of cybersecurity, usecure equips MSPs with the capability to quickly assess employee cyber risk, train users to avert data breaches, and monitor risk levels through comprehensive reports.   Designed for rapid implementation, usecure boasts seamless user synchronization features and straightforward options for white labelling. Its emphasis on automation greatly diminishes the managerial burden for MSPs, allowing for consistent risk mitigation with minimal setup or delay.   As an upgrade available within usecure’s Core package, uBreach Pro seamlessly integrates with existing features such as uLearn (security awareness training), uPhish (simulated phishing), and uPolicy (policy management), and is a significant value-add to uBreach Starter (including in usecure’s Core package).   Prospect new clients with actionable breach reports – Run free domain scans for prospects, showcasing the urgent need for cybersecurity services through actionable risk data.   Widen detection with domain-level monitoring – Monitor all emails under a given domain to assess company-wide breaches, ensuring comprehensive coverage.   Protect clients in real-time with instant breach alert – Detect threats as soon as they appear and take swift action to mitigate risks, providing real-time protection for clients.   Monitor extensive, up-to-date breach intelligence – Broaden your scope by monitoring a greater number of data breach sources, staying ahead of emerging threats and ensuring clients remain safe from stolen credentials.


  • Policy management
  • Domain-level dark web monitoring
  • Free breach scan reports for sales prospects
  • Email breach alerts for clients
  • Partially view exposed data, such as passwords
  • Extensive database of up-to-date breach data
  • Automated security awareness training
  • Automated phishing simulations
  • Client human risk scoring


  • Proactively safeguard clients with breach alerts
  • Prospect clients with actionable breach data
  • Streamline user management through integrations
  • Reduce administrative workload through automation
  • Efficiently manage all clients in one portal
  • Increase effectiveness with user-tailored training
  • Enhance your service value with a 4-in-1 solution