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usecure is the leading human risk management (HRM) platform designed specifically for managed service providers (MSPs). Focusing on the human element of cybersecurity, usecure provides the tools to evaluate employee cyber risk in a few steps, educate end-users to prevent data breaches, and calculate ongoing risk through in-depth reporting.   Designed for rapid deployment, usecure features intuitive user sync integrations and easy white labelling options. With automation at its core, usecure significantly reduces the administrative load on MSPs, streamlining processes for ongoing risk reduction. This combination ensures MSPs can quickly start protecting their clients with minimal setup time.   The core usecure platform features four key components:   uLearn (Security Awareness Training) – Deploy user-tailored training programs through a gap analysis assessment, automating course enrollment, reminders, and reporting. uLearn ensures that each user receives relevant, impactful education based on their specific knowledge gaps.   uPhish (Simulated Phishing) – Leverage an extensive library of ready-made phishing templates and run automated periodic phishing simulations. Test and improve user vigilance against modern attack techniques like QR code phishing and spear phishing.   uPolicy (Policy Management) – Simplify the process of tracking employee policy approvals with a library of essential policy documents and eSignature approvals. This feature streamlines the compliance and governance aspects, making policy management effortless.   uBreach Starter (Dark Web Monitoring) – Monitor the dark web for breached client email accounts, offering insights into the type of data that has been exposed and identifying the third-party service breach that led to the data being compromised.


  • User sync integrations
  • Fully white-labelled service
  • Multi-tenant admin portal
  • Automated user training and phishing simulations
  • User-tailored training programs
  • Custom course builder (LMS)
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Policy management
  • Readymade template libraries
  • Client human risk scoring


  • Streamline user management through integrations
  • Reduce administrative workload through automation
  • Efficiently manage all clients in one portal
  • Increase effectiveness with user-tailored training
  • Enhance your service value with a 4-in-1 solution

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