WatchGuard Endpoint Security Module: SIEM Feeder NFR

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With SIEMFeeder, you can integrate security intelligence and context of processes executed in your workstations and servers into your corporate SIEM. WatchGuard SIEMFeeder can send WatchGuard Endpoint Security data to a SIEM platform. Before SIEMFeeder sends the data, SIEMFeeder takes the data and enriches it with security intelligence. SIEMFeeder then creates a single data flow to deliver the data to a compatible SIEM server.


  • Obtain visual information about the malware detected on a network
  • View the actions that processes execute from threats
  • Monitor attempts to obtain confidential information


  • View process network connections and identify suspicious or possibly dangerous connections
  • Find all executed applications
  • Design plans to update software and adjust security policies

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