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OpenText Cybersecurity provides comprehensive security solutions for companies and partners of all sizes. Our Webroot products provide endpoint protection, network protection, security awareness training, and threat intelligence services to address increasing and evolving cybersecurity threats. Powered by actionable insights from our real-time and contextual threat intelligence, our customers benefit from high efficacy products, a compliant experience and simplified security to help manage business risk. We help customers build cyber resilience via a holistic security portfolio of smarter and simple solutions delivered through our unified end-to-end platform. Ordering Webroot Business Endpoint Protection enables Pax8 partners to subsequently order Webroot Business Endpoint Protection, Webroot DNS Protection, and Webroot Security Awareness Training. Webroot Business Endpoint Protection Leading multi-vector, next-gen security solution Webroot Security Awareness Training Reduce risk exposure through internal users Webroot DNS Protection Protective filtering that combines security and privacy NEW! DNS Protection Standalone Now Available


  • Endpoint protection, or endpoint security, is a general term that describes cybersecurity services for network endpoints, like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers and virtual environments. These services may include antivirus, anti-malware, web filtering and more.
  • DNS Protection creates a highly secure, private, resilient and manageable connection to the internet. It automatically blocks requests to undesirable, dangerous or malicious internet domains, even encrypted DNS over HTTPS (DoH) requests.
  • Webroot® Security Awareness Training provides continuous, relevant and measurable education and testing that businesses need to help minimize risky user behaviors and achieve cyber resilience. The full-featured phishing simulator provides an ever-expanding template library based on real-world scenarios. Templates are categorized and regionalized for ease of use, while schedule randomization enables staggered delivery to maximize campaign impact.


  • Fully remote endpoint management and control
  • Highly automated, low-cost operation
  • Hassle-free deployment
  • Superior efficacy against zero-day threats
  • Purpose-built solutions for managed service providers and small to medium-sized businesses
  • ~75% reduction in malware being downloaded with our DNS-based network filtering service
  • Full internet usage visibility with complete insight into all requests made to the internet including control of DNS over http (DoH)
  • Fewer infections by lowering the number of responses for malicious and suspicious internet locations
  • Granular and enforceable access policies
  • Roaming protection : A Windows agent is available for consistent off-network filtering for roaming users.
  • Flexible deployment options: Standalone DNS Protection agent or in combination with Webroot Endpoint Protection
  • 20% less malware compared to customers with Webroot endpoint protection alone
  • Simple administration and campaign management
  • High relevancy and frequency of training updates featuring useful, interactive and effective content
  • Integrated solution for MSPs and SMBs with multi-tenant management
  • Automated training management and compliance reporting at an individual, group and company level

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