Windows Server 2022 External Connector (Perpetual) [Commercial]

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Windows Server 2022 External Connector (Perpetual) [Commercial] is offered as an optional alternative to address specific customer scenarios. An external user is a person who does not have employee-level access to your company’s network or the network of your affiliates and is not someone to whom you provide hosted services. An external connector license assigned to a server permits access by any number of external users, as long as that access is for the benefit of the licensee and not the external user. Each physical server that external users access requires only one external connector license regardless of the number of software instances running. The right to run instances of the server software is licensed separately; the external connector simply permits access.


  • Permits access for external users
  • Only one license needed for each physical server
  • Requires separate license to run instances


  • Allow non-employees to access company network
  • Perpetual license
  • Provides remote access

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