Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Leakage Prevention with minimal effort to value

For years, organizations have struggled to prevent data exfiltration due to internal risks or external attacks, leading to embarrassing headlines, loss of business, and regulatory fines. Advanced DLP empowers you to prevent data leaks from endpoints — without requiring months to deploy, teams to maintain, or a Ph.D. in privacy law to understand.Protect clients’ sensitive data — prevent data leakage from workloads via peripheral devices and network communications by analyzing the content and context of data transfers and enforcing policy-based preventive controls.
Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Data Loss Prevention(DLP)


Muttii is partnering with Noname Security to deliver advanced API security capabilities.


Advanced Security enables you to offer more cybersecurity services with less management burden

Enhanced Data Security

Muttii Group's advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions offer enhanced data security by detecting and preventing potential data breaches, unauthorized access, and accidental data leaks.

Regulatory Compliance

With DLP tools and solutions in place, Muttii can effectively comply with data protection regulations and industry standards. The organization can demonstrate its commitment to data security and privacy..

Mitigation of Insider Threats

DLP technologies enable Muttii to identify and address insider threats, such as data theft or accidental data exposure by employees. By monitoring data usage patterns, the organization can take appropriate measures to prevent data loss caused by internal actors.

Real-Time Data Monitoring

The real-time monitoring capabilities of DLP software allows to track data flow and usage across its network. This immediate response to potential security incidents enables the organization to take swift action and minimize the impact of data breaches.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Through data leakage prevention, Muttii can safeguard intellectual property, trade secrets, and proprietary information from falling into the wrong hands,helps maintaining the company's competitive advantage and preserves its valuable assets.

Data Loss Risk Reduction

By implementing DLP solutions, the significant risk of data loss and associated financial losses reduce resulting from cyber-attacks or data breaches.


Centralized Console

A centralized management console, such as Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager or Sophos Central Endpoint Protection, allowing administrators to manage security policies and monitor endpoints from one location.

Real-time Threat Detection

Advanced threat detection mechanisms that constantly monitor and analyze endpoint activities to identify and block potential threats in real-time.

Data Monitoring and Analysis

Muttii Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions offer comprehensive data monitoring and analysis capabilities. They continuously scan and analyze data flows, identifying sensitive information and potential risks in real-time.