Advanced Disaster Recovery

Rapidly recover from cyberattacks and other unplanned outages

Disaster Recovery is a crucial component of Muttii Group’s IT strategy, aimed at ensuring the continuity and resilience of their critical business operations and data in the face of unforeseen events or catastrophic incidents. Muttii Group’s business continuity planning focuses on identifying essential processes, creating redundant systems, and developing contingency plans to minimize disruptions during and after a disaster. In the event of any unexpected incident, their incident response plan enables swift identification, containment, eradication, and recovery from security breaches or cyber-attacks.
Muttii Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Disaster Recovery


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Business Continuity

By having a well-designed disaster recovery plan in place, Muttii Group can ensure continuous business operations even in the face of unexpected disruptions.

Data Protection

Disaster recovery measures safeguard Muttii Group's critical data from loss or corruption. Regular backups, replication, and database recovery mechanisms ensure that valuable information is recoverable.

Minimized Operational Disruptions

With a solid disaster recovery plan, Muttii Group can quickly respond to incidents, containing their impact and reducing the overall disruption to their IT infrastructure and business processes.

Security and Incident Response

An effective disaster recovery strategy is closely tied to incident response protocols. This synergy allows Muttii Group to detect and respond to security breaches or cyber-attacks.

Regulatory Compliance

Many industries and regions have strict regulations concerning data protection and business continuity. Implementing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan ensures that Muttii Group remains compliant with relevant industry standards.

Flexibility and Scalability

By leveraging cloud disaster recovery solutions, Muttii Group gains the advantage of scalability. They can easily adjust their resources and capabilities based on their evolving needs, allowing for seamless growth and adaptation.


Fast recovery

No matter the cause of the unplanned downtime, our disaster recovery technology ensures you achieve both RPOs and RTOs that are under 15 minutes. With the Muttii RunVM engine, you get near-instant production and test failover speeds, while flexible backup frequency policies can help you offer tighter RPOs.

Three-click setup

Skip the additional hardware and installation and set up your disaster recovery plan in three clicks. Choose between multiple templates with different configurations of recovery servers, enabling you to set up disaster recovery plans quickly and easily.

Easy management

No need to add, learn, or manage another platform. Easily configure server lists, test connectivity settings, configure disaster recovery orchestration with runbooks, and recover on multiple networks.


Rapid Data Recovery

The disaster recovery plan should have the capability to swiftly recover critical data and information from backups or redundant storage.

Failover and Redundancy

Implementing failover mechanisms and r